Our Services and Projects

We provide a range of services and are responsible for:

Improving and maintaining local services and facilities such as street lighting and allotments maintenance

supporting local voluntary organisations e.g., Brancepeth village hall and family events on the cricket field

influencing and lobbying on local development and planning issues to ensure our residents have an input into maintaining the character of the village

The full Council meets monthly (with the exception of August) in the village hall. However, due to COVID-19 restrictions and social distancing measures, councillors have met virtually on zoom calls.

Members of the public are welcome to attend council meetings. If you wish to attend and would like to raise an issue at a meeting, then please contact the Parish Clerk.

Here are some of the projects we manage:

This is a scheme to encourage motorists to reduce speeding. Working in partnership with volunteers and Durham Constabulary, the scheme aims to prevent people from speeding to make Brancepeth a safer place to live.

Join the Friends of Brancepeth Cricket Field

The FBCF is an association of enthusiasts wishing to see the Cricket field continue as a village amenity supported by villagers themselves, for recreation, relaxation and a focus for village events, celebrations and fun; all those things which bring people together.
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